The Law Office of Jenny M. Cochrane has extensive experience in assisting clients with credit protection and debt mitigation strategies.  The firm's integrated asset and privacy protection strategies provide the best 'Personal Firewall' available to protect against both identity thieves and frivolous lawsuits. 

In addition to the extensive Trust formation services we offer, following are some ways we can help build your personal "Firewall" of protection:

  • ID Theft and Credit Safeguards
  • Credit Alert Monitoring (Quarterly)
  • Correction of unverifiable negative items
  • Private "ghost" address services (with or without private LLC) to protect your privacy
  • Invalidation and Nullification of insufficient debtor claims

For those that have been sued by a collection/factoring company, our firm has several iron clad strategies to help you nullify, and in many cases invalidate the alleged claims by these unscrupulous collectors.