Here are some facts of the 21st Century:

You have no privacy (financial or otherwise) in the "Internet Age" and malicious computer viruses, hackers and identity thieves have never had an easier time to steal your personal information.  And, let's not forget the recent news about the government agencies snooping on private citizens' conversations and financial records without just cause.

  • Nearly 100 million people in the U.S., whose personal information is kept on corporate and government computer systems are at risk of having their personal identity stolen.  (See:

Setting up appropriate legal entities that safeguard your privacy and your assets is your best defense against such risks.  Call or email us for information on how we can help protect you and your family's assets.

Other risks to your assets come in the form of frivolous lawsuits - Do not let decades of hard work and accumulating substantial assets become lost in just one "frivolous" lawsuit.

Be proactive with our proven legal strategies to protect you and your financial assets from many of the potential "landmines" that exist.  Look to us for solutions.

The Problem